Concrete Testing & Soil Testing

soil tests by Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc. located in Worcester MA serving all of Central Massachusetts

Make sure your project is on solid ground with the concrete and soil testing services of Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc. in Worcester, MA. Our field and laboratory testing services are performed by fully licensed and experienced technicians. In addition, we strive to provide most test results within 24 hours with hard copies electronically distributed within 48 hours.
Triaxia Perm - Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc.

Multi-Disciplined Staff

Take advantage of our multi-talented staff by having our technicians perform more than one testing service during their visit to your site. Further, we understand that your construction schedules can change quickly so our staff is available to provide assistance and answer questions from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM and beyond, 5 or more days a week.

No Hidden Costs

Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc. offers your business competitive pricing with no hidden costs. We operate on a half and full-day rate system based on time to and from our Worcester office. There are no fees for equipment, late scheduling, engineering review of reports, or the distribution thereof. In addition, our monthly invoices are clearly itemized and easily matched with the daily visits. The unit cost for service is determined by the size, scope, and location of your project with individual site estimates available.


Gradation (Sieve) Analyses
Moisture/Density Analyses
Field Compaction Testing
Septic (Title V) Analyses
Permeability Testing
Topsoil/Loam Analyses


Field Slump/Air/Rebar
Plant Monitoring Services
Cylinder Compression Tests
Field Coring Services
Windsor Probe Testing
Swiss Hammer Testing
Rebar Location Services
Floor Flatness/Levelness


Review of Field Operations
Application Procedures
Adhesion/Cohesion (Pull) Tests
Thickness Measurements
Density Test Cuts


Review of Field Operations
Compression Testing of Mortar Cubes
Compression Testing of Grout Prisms
Absorption of Concrete Masonry Units
Strength of Concrete Masonry Units
Testing of 2 Block Grouted Prisms


Monitoring of Field Operations
Field Compaction Testing
Field Coring Services
Extraction Analyses
Density/Unit Weight Tests
Compaction Determination


Framing/Decking Review
Bolting/Shear Studs
Ultrasonic Testing of Welds

Engineering Services

Geotechnical Evaluations
Boring/Test Pit Investigations
Pile Monitoring Services
Foundation Review
Bearing Capacity Determination
Soil Suitability Review

Landfill Testing Services

Review of Field Operations
Gradation/Hydrometer Analyses
Atterberg Limits Determinations
Compaction Testing
Granular Permeability Tests
Triaxial Permeability Tests
Shelby Tube Analyses
Direct Shear Testing

Building Envelope

Window Air Leakage Tests (E783)
Window Water Leakage Tests (E1105)
Spray Nozzle Test (AAMA 501.2)
Pull-Off Strength of Coatings (D4541)
Bubble Gun Air Test (E1186)

Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc - Field Coring Services
Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc - Services
Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc - Nuclear Density Gauge
Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc - Triaxial Permeability Tests


When you want the best, contact Yankee Engineering & Testing, Inc. to request information on our materials testing capabilities, or a personalized project quotation for your construction monitoring requirements.


American Society of Civil Engineers, Boston Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute